When can we start cleaning for you?

L2H Cleaning Services can begin cleaning for you as soon as you would like us to start. However inception of work may vary depending on the complexity of the required service.

Can I choose the days of the week for cleaning?

Yes you certainly can. We cater to your needs and preference.

Will I have the same cleaner at each visit?

Yes, if this is your preference, we will send you the same team at each visit as this will help with providing you with consistency. However, there may be instances where we will send other cleaners if your regular cleaner is either unavailable or on sick leave. If this is the case, we would provide you with advance notice.

When do I meet my cleaner?

You will meet your cleaner on the first day of clean or we can arrange a meet up where you can meet your cleaner prior to the first clean.

Is there a minimum amount of hours required for cleaning per visit?

Is there a minimum amount of cleaners required for cleaning per visit?

Depending on the size of your property, we normally require a minimum of 2 hours allocated for Cleaning or Ironing. For Deep cleaning and End of Tenancy cleanings, a minimum of 3 hours is required to enable thorough cleaning. The size of the property and the works required will help to determine how many cleaners you would have to clean your property. 

Can I trust my cleaner with my property keys?

This is based on the clients preference, we do not demand a request of giving a key to the cleaner. If you prefer to give a key of your property to the cleaner, you can leave the keys in a safe place or with a neighbour. It is completely your choice.

Who provides the cleaning supplies?

We do, unless you instruct us to use your cleaning supplies. In addition, we would require you to provide consumable products like toilet roll, bin bags, soaps, hand towels etc.

Who pays the cleaner?

We do, all payments are made online via our booking system or cash payment to your cleaner, or pay using a card reader on the day of visit.

What if my cleaner doesn't turn up to clean?

This is very unlikely, however if this situation does occur, please call us immediately if your client does not turn up. We will send out new cleaners as soon as possible.

What if I am not not satisfied with the cleaning provided?

In the event that this occurs, please call us and we will rectify it with immediate effect. Our priority is ensuring our clients are happy and satisfied with our services!


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